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Database of software tools and apps

Below is the database of all the software tools and apps on our site.

Excel chart library

Over 30 charts and counting, for you to bust out your work. You are moving!

Area chartsArea differenceBar chartsBar average IBar average IIBar high-lowBar high-low averageBar standardBubble chartsBubble trendColumn chartsColumn averageColumn high-lowColumn high-low averageColumn scatter line IColumn scatter line IIColumn separate axesColumn stacked columnColumn stacked stackedColumn stacked two row axisColumn standardCombo chartsPrice volumeDonut chartsSunburstLine chartsLine error barsMath chartsUnit circlePie chartsScatter chartsScatter dotsScatter line statsSheet chartsHeart columnsHeart rowsSpecial chartsButterflyMarimekko - One levelMarimekko - Two levelsPill bar averageRounded columnStacked pill

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Digital office

Filing and organizational tools, templates, and productivity software.

Calendars2024 yearly calendarsDynamic yearly calendarUltimate monthly calendarTemplatesBlank Excel TemplateBlank navbar template for ExcelColor scheme tableProject schedule template


Games people play!

GamesScramblerWingding Match IWingding Match II

Software tools and apps

We enjoy developing user-friendly software for personal or professional use.

SoftwareAll languages listArtplotty Grid 21Chart switcherColor sliderColumn row highlighterGender Pop for ExcelUnited States Daily Report

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How-to guides, quick tips, snapshots, and educational videos.

How-to guidesCharting lessonsExcel tutorialsPowerPoint tipsQuick tipsSnapshotsVBA codingVideo lessonsCartoon Charts3 ways to insert Excel worksheetAdd footnote marker Excel chart categoryAdd average line to column chartAdd comments to VBA codeAdd Excel camera tool to quick access toolbarAssign name object in ExcelBasic counting Excel VBA using For NextChange cells from night to day in ExcelCreate bar chart in ExcelCreate blue Pac-man figure in PowerPointCreate column chart in ExcelCreate custom PowerPoint tile patternCreate face in PowerPointCreate game board in ExcelCreate formula from math functionEdit basic macro in ExcelHello world in ExcelKeep size position of object in ExcelLink cell to shape in ExcelLink cells to fancy balls in ExcelMacros in Microsoft ExcelMake a toggle button in ExcelPut average line on bar chart in ExcelRun macro from form button in ExcelShow developer ribbon in ExcelShow hide object with button in ExcelShow immediate window in Excel VBAUse shape to run macro in ExcelUsing FILTER function in Excel

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Tech Tuesday

Computer technology news, information resources, and educational programs.

Tech Tuesday2024

Affiliate programs

Training programs from our affiliates.

Google coursesPython courses

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Affiliate stuff – Time to get your act together…

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