GendPop app

GendPop app

The GendPop app (or GP) is a tool that allows you to compare gender-based data.

GendPop app – Online version

GendPop app - Online version


So, to use GP, all you need is an Internet connection and a browser.

Click on the link below to start creating with the GP online app.

GendPop online

Working with GendPop

When you work with GP, all you have to do is, enter a number from 0 to 100 for either figure. These numbers serve as percentages. However, you do not need to enter the percent sign.

Saving your work

Of course, saving your work is fairly simple. Simply click Save Chart, and your chart gets saved as a SVG file. On the whole, you can use SVG files in many apps. For the most part, SVG files stay sharp and crisp.

Using GP charts in other apps

Once you save your file, you can do things with it in other apps, such as PowerPoint (or PPT). But, you can use any design or presentation app that supports SVG files. In addition, SVG files look good over the Web.

Sizing your chart

Sizing your chart

Ahhh, don’t they look cute. Since SVG files are vector-based, they resize with little-to-no image loss.

Flipping a figure

GendPop app - Flipping

As you see, flipping GP allows you to compare women-to-women and men-to-women.

GendPop app for Excel

So, we do have a GendPop app for Excel. However, it is limited, in terms of colorizing the figures. But, you do not have to worry about the flipping part. That gets done directly in the app.

When we finally put it on Excel Effects, we will give everyone notice.

Start using GendPop

Click on the button below to use GP.

GendPop online


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