Blank Excel Template

Blank Excel Template

Blank Excel Template - Excel Effects

So, the Blank Excel Template (or BET) is a tool we use when we create different types of spreadsheet documents. Overall, it is a great, basic template. Therefore, we made the decision to share this tool with our users.

Overview of the Blank Excel Template

Once you download BET, there is no one way to use it. Again, it is basically a starter template to get your spreadsheet work off to a start. This thing is so clean, like a blank canvas.

Components of BET

As shown above, there are only two visible components of the BET. Both elements are optional.

  1. Top document title bar
  2. Title row

The gray top document title bar allows you to enter a project title or something like that. Additionally, it could represent the title of the workbook. Oh, to the far right of gray bar, you should see the date. It will change each time you open the file.

Below the gray bar, you enter the title of your page. It is that simple.

Print area

There is a print area to the Blank Excel Template. Essentially, the print area is the boundary of what you want to print. In BET’s case, the print area starts from the page title. The gray bar is not printed. Of course, you are free to change any element of the BET.

Show off your work

Excel Effects plan to show off a lot of our work using the BET. Also, we expect you to do the same. Once you see our stuff, hopefully it will inspire you. Moreover, it will give you a boost in your work.

Remember, it is basic. But, this basic Excel template will make you look like a superstar. Time to show them what you can do.

Requirements and download

Requirements: Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.

File size: 8.21 kilobytes



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