Getting to know Excel Effects, all about us

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Getting to know us

At Excel Effects, we develop data tools and presentation technologies.

In most cases, creative and technical work well together. And, that is what we help you work with.

Our games

Now, we do not specialize in game development. However, we love games. On the other hand, it takes a lot of resources to develop a game. And, the resources are not always there for us.

So, you will see games from other developers on our site too.

The starting line

In August 2015, we created Excel Effects. Originally, we are a New York product, from Harlem. When we were very young, we used to say Harlem USA. Later, if we recall, a store in New York City opened, called Harlem USA. How ironic, right?

We love Harlem!

The Founder

Getting to know Excel Effects, all about us - My first computer.
My original TRS-80 Color Computer 2, on the floor of my parent’s residence in Harlem, New York. Hey, I know, it is dirty like a mug. But, it is what got me started. I wonder what device I used to take this photo.

So, Alex Shaw III is the Founder of Excel Effects. He started using computers at the age of twelve. It was the TRS-80 Color Computer Two that got the ball rolling. Do you guys know what TRS stands for? Um, um, um. Look it up.

Anyhow, his parents put the ball on top of the hill. After that, it was all up to Alex to kick that ball.

With that said, Alex has the best parents in the world!

Computing power

Alex taught himself how to program in Color BASIC. It was a programming language for the TRS computer. Later, he migrated to BASIC, and other languages in the BASIC family.

Most of his programs were related to graphics and animation. Of course, he had to learn the boring stuff first.

Unfortunately, he never got to the point of creating games in BASIC though. However, he was able to create a graphics demo program.

School days

Alex was not a big fan of school. However, he managed to graduate high school and the New York City College of Technology (or CityTech).

At CityTech, Alex got to learn COBOL, FoxPro, and dBase 3 Plus. Moreover, he studied Turbo Pascal and C. And, he was introduced to electrical engineering technology.

In the end, CityTech provided Alex with so much knowledge, it is almost as if he did not need to attend another college.

Workplace solutions

While working in different companies and organizations, Alex created tools to enhance productivity. In addition, he made it easier for people to use and analyze data.

So, it is always key to make the work flow easier.

Outside of Excel Effects

During his off time, Alex enjoys listening to music, art, doodling, handwriting, and brainstorming about new ideas. Sometimes, he still gets on the basketball court, to shoot around.

Thanks for getting to know us

Now that you know a little about us, feel free to explore Excel Effects.

And, as always, stay as long as you like.

Keep going! Keep learning!

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