Bar charts

Hearts row sheet chart for Excel

Hearts row sheet chart The hearts row sheet chart is a graph that is designed on a worksheet in Excel. Although it is somewhat unique, it is not uncommon. So, just imagine all the stuff you can do with sheet charts. Good stuff! Keep in mind, we include a movable chart within the sheet. This […]

Pill Bar with average line chart for Excel

Pill Bar overview The pill bar with average line chart is similar to a regular bar chart. Instead, with this chart, the two endpoints are round. Thus, you get what looks like a pill. Of course, as with the bar chart, this chart is shows everything in a horizontal manner. Now, with all that said, […]

The butterfly chart for Microsoft Excel

The butterfly chart. Download Overview of the butterfly chart So, before you say, that is a tornado chart, or a football chart, yes, we know about the alternative names too. However, we like the name butterfly the best. On the whole, it sounds better than the other two options. If you create this chart right […]