Macros in Microsoft Excel

Macros in Microsoft Excel

Macros in Microsoft Excel

Macros are a set of commands or instructions to help you complete tasks that you may do often.

Overall, it is a group of step-by-step instructions. Each task runs one after another. In addition, you can test and monitor your steps within the macro.

In Excel, you can use the recorder to create a macro. Or, you can create one through Visual Basic for Applications (or VBA). With the VBA method, you actually hand code your macro. Sometimes, you may want to combine the two. So, you will create a macro with the recorder. Then, you would modify certain parts of the code in VBA.

Working with macros

With macros, you can create dashboards, data tools, and even games. The funny part about games in Excel is that, you can easily switch out of it at work. Maybe, to another sheet. That is one of the upsides of creating a game in Excel.

In addition to games, a macro helps improve user functionality. Of course, you will design the user interface and make it look nice. But, in most cases, the code behind it will make it go. And, that is what users want. Something that looks goods, and works good.

Saving your code

In newer versions of Excel, you want to save your code as a macro-enabled workbook. This allows you to use your macro everytime you open the file. Now, that is great!

In the past, people were hesitant about using files containing macros. Because it is code, and very smart people can create harmful code, it is understandable. However, there are probably much more people who just want to create great apps and code to help people.

Therefore, make sure you use macros from people you trust. Or, from people who you can easily contact if something happens.

Our game macro

At Excel Effects, we have a game that we created entirely in Excel. It is called Wingding Match. Click on the button below to learn more and play. By the way, it is also an open sourced app. Enjoy!

Macros in Microsoft Excel - Wingding Match game for Microsoft Excel
Wingding Match game for Microsoft Excel.

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