Marimekko – One level chart for Excel

Marimekko – One level chart for Excel

Marimekko - One level chart for Excel

The Marimekko – one level chart

Believe it or not, the Marimekko – one level chart, is actually an area chart in Excel. Now, isn’t that something? It is a unique chart. And, in the beginning, it took a while learning how to create it. But now, we have one where you can just plug in the numbers, and watch it work.

So, with a Marimekko, you have to organize the data in a certain way to make the chart work. When you download it, you will see a separate section in the worksheet, just for the chart data.


Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.



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As you may know, charts help you show data and information to your audience in a more visual manner. In addition, it tends to keep the attention of your client. So, you can also learn how to create a chart from scratch. This way, you will have a better understanding of the process for creating a chart. There are various apps that allow you to create charts. Of course, Microsoft Excel is a very popular app for working with charts. However, you can use Google SheetsApache OpenOffice, or LibreOffice to create charts. For the most part, they are compatible with Excel.