Matches game for Excel

Matches game for Excel

Matches game for Excel - Excel Effects

Matches is an Excel game where you match Wingding characters.

Overview of Matches

So, there is not much to say about this game. You already know what it is. Simply click on one box, take a look at the character. Then, you click on another box, see if it matches the first box.

Matches live game play video

Take a look at live game play video below. Um, um, um.

Developer notes

Ohhh, you guys are gonna like this… Matches is totally open source, and free to upgrade. The code is available directly in Excel. All you have to do is press Alt + F11. Or, View Code from the Developer ribbon. That should show you all the code to the game.

Happy coding!

User notes

Once you download the game, save it out of the zip. Excel may produce an error if you try to play the game directly from the zip file. After that, you are good-to-go.


Requirements: Excel 2003 or higher or compatible.

Download Size: 24 kilobytes


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