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How-to guides to help build your future self. Training programs to help you prepare for the future.

Excel tutorials

To grow your career, job, or personal work, learn Excel. At the minimum, learn the basics. Overall, the how-to programs are here. Therefore, make time each day to contribute to your personal growth.

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Charting topics

Spreadsheet topics

Spreadsheets are prime vehicles in starting you journey with Excel. Organize data, create small project management tools, and develop Excel tools.

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Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) topics

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) puts power into Excel programs. You can do some greate stuff with VBA. Ohhh, and we got some unique stuff to show you.

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Excel learning videos

Most of our Excel training videos are silent and fairly short.

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PowerPoint tutorials

Presentation programs like PowerPoint make it easier to display ideas, create lessons, and pitch proposals.

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Snapshots are quick snippets or screenshots of how to complete a particular task. They are not meant to function as full tutorials.

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Affiliate programs

These courses are from our affiliates. If there is something in particular you want to learn, then let us know. See what we can do for you.

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Affiliate stuff

Feel free to browse through career training, affiliate education programs.

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Careerist 4

More training components to help you with your career development and learning goals.

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Affiliate stuff – Time to get your act together…

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