Scrambler game for Excel

Scrambler game for Excel

Scrambler game for Excel - Excel Effects

Scrambler is a word unscramble game for Excel.

Overview of Scrambler

We developed this game many years ago, using Excel 2003. During that time, we were experimenting. Fortunately, the experiments were successful.

On the other hand, we did not continue to enhance the game. Most likely, other outside jobs got in the way. Anyhow, it is a fun and basic game. Maybe, you can play it at work, during a break.

Game play

To play Scrambler, simply type your answer in the box, and press Check Answer button. If you come across a difficult word, just click Show Hint. Overall, it is just that easy.

There is also a Word tab, allowing you to change a word and hint. Now, we are not sure if adding a word will automatically update the list library. At the moment though, there are over 50 words.

The video

Developer notes

Unfortunately, we cannot find the password to the game, yet. Therefore, the code is not available. So, you really cannot learn from it, or upgrade it. At least, through the code level.

User notes

When you download Scrambler, save it out of the zip file, to a location on your computer. For some reason, it does not work when you try to play it directly from the zip file.

Download Scrambler

Requirements: Excel 2003 or higher or compatible.

Download Size: 332 kilobytes


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