Color slider for Excel

Color slider for Excel

Color slider for Excel

The color slider

The color slider is a successful experiement in Excel 2003. Also, it works great in higher versions of Excel.

So, all you have to do is, move the sliders from left or right. After that, the color of the cell changes. Individually, each slider represents a RGB value. One for red, another for green, and a third for blue.

As always, you are free to take it to another level. In fact, we may do the same in the future. Hey, that could be a challenge.

The video

Here is the Excel experiment in action.

The code

Below is the code listing for the tool. As you see, there is not that much to it. Plus, it is easy to read.

Option Explicit

Public Sub Slider_Color()
    Dim rComp As Integer
    Dim gComp As Integer
    Dim bComp As Integer
    rComp = Right("000" & Range("refRed").Value, 3)
    gComp = Right("000" & Range("refGreen").Value, 3)
    bComp = Right("000" & Range("refBlue").Value, 3)
    Range("refColor").Interior.Color = RGB(rComp, gComp, bComp)
End Sub


Requirements: Excel 2003 or higher or compatible. Note: This program contains macros.





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