Dynamic yearly calendar for Microsoft Excel

Dynamic yearly calendar for Microsoft Excel

dynamic yearly calendar

Requirements: To use the dynamic yearly calendar, you need Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.


The dynamic yearly calendar

The dynamic yearly calendar is an Excel tool that allows you to select a year from 1900 to 2400. When we first developed this tool, everything was going great. However, it did not work well with our international users. Basically, it was an issue with the regional settings on their computers.

Possible bug

Originally, the calendar was developed in Microsoft Excel 2003. We think that was part of the issue. So, we decided to upgrade it to Excel 2007. Otherwise, we would have to tell the users to set their regional settings and keyboard to the United States. That would be too much.

Unfortunately, we did not follow up completely with all of our international users after the upgrade. However, a few did say it worked. Keep in mind, we cannot guarantee it will work on your system.

Holidays section

The calendar has a holidays and birthdays section too. When you enter a date, it automatically highlights that date on the calendar.

If you are into developing stuff, you can use this tool to expand on bigger projects. That would be great! We know there are many other calendar tools out there, but maybe you have an idea of your own.

It is free for you do download and use at your own discretion.




Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.