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At Excel Effects, we think of cool designs, with nothing but data on our minds.

Dynamic Dashboards

Trend Analysis Report for Microsoft Excel

Our trend analysis report is the perfect example of a dynamic dashboard you can use in any kind of business. Learn more…

Daily Report for Microsoft Excel

The Excel daily report is a beast of a dashboard. We faced some challenges while developing it. However, we managed to get it done. Learn more…

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Get Organized with Excel Effects

Use our templates to organize your plans and schedules.

Project Schedule

This is our project schedule. Sometimes, the simplest of things can help solve huge problems. Learn more…

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Creative Analytics

Creative analytics is the process of using custom graphics and artwork as a tool to analyze data.

Gender Analyzer

The Gender Analyzer

Creatively analyze gender-based data. Learn more.

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The Vintage Stuff

The Yearly Calendar is a dynamic tool for Excel. It allows you to select years from 1900 to 2400.

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Excel Templates

Account Passwords
The account passwords template allows you to enter website user information in a very simple format. It contains five key columns. Use this tool for personal and business accounts. Learn more…
College Schedule
The college schedule template is a course planner for students. It also has a section for notes. And, you can even rate your professor. Of course, that feature is only for the purpose of the template. Learn more…
Project Schedule II
Our project template II is similar to our first project schedule. The main difference is, this version allows you to input the time for each project. Now, the time could be a start time or the amount of time necessary to complete the task. Learn more…
Yearly Calendar
The yearly calendar tool is something that will last for a lifetime. Now, you can select from year 1900 to year 2400. It is a vintage app. Learn more…

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