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At Excel Effects, we think of cool designs, with nothing but data on our minds.

Dynamic Dashboards

A dashboard helps people navigate through data and perform custom comparisons. In addition, you are not stuck with just one scenario. Different people may set up a different view from others. Therefore, it is important for a dashboard to be flexible. Below is a sample dashboard from our collection.

Trend Analysis Report

Trend Analysis Report for Microsoft Excel

Our trend analysis report is the perfect example of a dynamic dashboard you can use in any kind of business.
Requirements: Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.
Click on the link below to download. Learn more...

Size: 144 kB

United States Daily Report

The Daily Report is an e-Commerce report, developed for a major cosmetics company in the United States.
All data in this report is fake.

U.S. Daily Report for Microsoft Excel

Unfortunately, we did not take international date formats into account. Therefore, if your computer's regional settings are not U.S., the Daily may not look good. In any case, download it and feel free to make changes. We do not offer support for this tool.
Requirements: Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.

Size: 6.8 kB

Note: Unless otherwise noted, the file size of the charts and tools below are all 40kB or less.

Business Charting

Have you ever thought about working as a business or finance professional? Well, these charts are for you.
When you get the chance, download them, and study how the data is arranged. In the end, it will help you greatly.
Unless otherwise noted, these are all bonafide Excel charts. Overall, Excel plays a major role in many businesses.

Business Charts for Excel

Below are some of the business charts you can download and study.

Clustered Stacked Column Chart

Clustered Stacked Column and Column

In this chart, the first column shows two similar items stacked on top of each other. While, the other column shows one contrasting item in the same category.


Clustered Column Chart

Basic Clustered Column

The basic column chart is a very common chart. It compares data across various categories.


Clustered Column with Average Line Chart

Clustered Column with Average Line

This chart shows data across categories. In addition, the average line shows the central tendency of the values. Moreover, you can visually view which categories are above or below average.


Column and Line Chart

Column and Scatter Line

Sometimes, this type of chart is called a price/volume chart. However, there is generally an equal number of columns to line values.


Clustered Column and Line Chart

Clustered Column and Scatter Line

Firstly, you do not always get data labels with these types of charts. Secondly, we scaled the number of columns down a bit. Basically, with this chart, you can look at certain periods to form an analysis.


Area Difference Chart

Area Difference

As you see, this is kind of an unique chart. Generally, it compares two similar items and shades in the area of difference.


Clustered Column on Two Axes

Clustered Column on Two Axes

When you want to compare two different metrics, you may need to place them on different axes. This allows you to see more of the smaller item, as you can adjust the scale.


Clustered High Low Chart

Clustered High Low

Compares a high and low values. Now, you can also adjust the color based on a positive or negative change. Of course, you want to make that automatic. Right now, you cannot tell if it started off high or ended low. At the bottom, the labels are text box links. However, they are part of the chart.


Oh, You Want More

As you see, there are quite a few charts people use in business. But, guess what? These charts do not even cover half of what you will see in many businesses.
Therefore, we have many more charts to give you. Just be cool.

All Business Charts

Excel Effects and PingUnity

Excel Effects and PingUnity

Excel powers activate! With charts from Excel Effects or your own charts, you will be able to add spunk to your work. Are you ready for the ride?

Visit PingUnity

Math Charts

Our math charts are based on subjects you typically learn in school. However, they also provide the basis to becoming successful in various jobs.
Therefore, download them, study the formulas and learn how the data is organized.

Sine Chart

Math Charts - Sine


Exponential Chart

Math Charts - Exponential


All Math Charts

Creative Analytics

At times, you want to analyze data in a more fun, creative way. Well, that is where creative analytics comes in.

Two-faced Charts

Split-Faced Chart

Coming soon...

Special Charts

Well, there will be times when you need that special chart to complete the deal. That is where we come in at.

Box Chart

The Box Chart

Another bonafide Excel chart for you to use.


Project Management Tools

Let us help you get and stay organized.

Project Schedule

Use the Personal Project Schedule to organize your tasks. In addition, you can customize it to suit your needs.


Project Schedule II

In the Personal Project Schedule II, you get a weekly column and a key accounts column. Everything you need to organize your work.


Questions and Comments

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