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We make it easier for you to use and analyze data.


The United States Daily Report

The United States Daily Report is an excellent example of a dynamic analytics dashboard. It is a tool we developed for a major cosmetics company in New York City. Feel free to download a fully functional sample version.

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The United States Daily Report


Welcome to our chart library. We have all the charts to get your data creative on. To be honest, sometimes we need to refresh our memory on some of these charts.

Area charts

Bar charts

Bubble charts

Column charts

Column with scatter line chart

Line with high-low bars chart

Math unit circle chart

Donut sunburst

Scatter dots with trendline chart


More charts…

Um, um, um. So, we have even more charts for you to enjoy. Now, these charts are special to us. In addition, they are unique to what you would normally see in a chart.


Special stacked pill

Hearts sheet bar chart

Hearts sheet column chart

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PowerPoint cover pages

You always need a nice cover page to pull the deal through. Or, to even capture the client's attention. The cover page is the first thing people see. So, let's make it work.

PowerPoint cover pages

PowerPoint cover page 1

PowerPoint cover page 2

PowerPoint cover page 3

PowerPoint cover page 4




Our GendPop online app is a great way to analyze gender-based data. If you are good, then you can compare women-to-men, women-to-women, men-to-men, women only, and men only.

With our Excel version, you can do those things easily. Also, the online version allows you to save a SVG version. Great stuff!

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The vintage stuff

Our vintage collection includes calendars and other tools that has been around for a while. However, they are still great for the things you want to do.

Dynamic yearly calendar

Ultimate monthly calendar

The vintage stuff


Education is a key component in a person's development. Therefore, we provide online lessons on various topics. In addition, some of our affiliates also have excellent courses to help you learn new things. Or, to refresh on the knowledge you already have.

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The United States Daily Report

Data visualization

Data is very important. Moreover, the way you present data is even more important. Check out these examples of various data visualization techniques. Maybe, they will give you some ideas.

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Data visualization - Example 1

Data visualization - Example 2


Affiliate tools

Here are some tools from our affiliates.

Event Seating Planner for Excel

Are you interested in setting up an event and need to assign seating arrangements? Then, this is the tool for you.

Event Seating Planner for Excel - Example 1

Event Seating Planner for Excel - Example 2

Get the Event Seating Planner for Excel

Click on the button below to download the Event Seating Planner. When you click the button, it will take you to Techronology's site.

Event Seating Planner