Wingding Match game for Microsoft Excel

Wingding Match game for Microsoft Excel


Wingding Match

Wingding Match is a desktop game for Microsoft Excel. Overall, it has three levels. And, there is one twist to this game. If you miss consecutive matches, then the pieces are shuffled again.

Now, the shuffling feature is okay for the amount of pieces in this game. However, we do not include this feature in a bigger game like Bubble Dip Match.

So, we do not offer support for this game and most items in our vintage collection. In order to play this game, you must enable macros in Excel.

The levels

On the whole, there are three levels to this game. Below are screenshots of the three levels.

First level

First level of Wingding Match

Second level

Second level of Wingding Match

Third level

Third level of Wingding Match


Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher or compatible.


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