Blank Excel Template

So, the Blank Excel Template (or BET) is a tool we use when we create different types of spreadsheet documents. Overall, it is a great, basic template. Therefore, we made the decision to share this tool with our users. Overview of the Blank Excel Template Once you download BET, there is no one way to […]

Blank navbar template for Excel

The Blank navbar template for Excel is very similar to our Blank Excel template. However, this particularly template has a navigation bar and a cover page. Overview of blank navbar template Again, this template is almost exactly the same as our blank Excel template. This one though, has a cover page, navigation bar, and six […]

Color scheme table for Excel

Color scheme table If we recall, then this table is from the original Excel 2007 color scheme. The standard colors may be different today. So, feel free to download it and update it for your own purposes. The good part about this table is that you get to view the darker and lighter versions of […]

Project management tools and templates

Project management tools Below is our selection of project management tools for you to use in your work. For the most part, these tools and templates are for Excel. Dynamic yearly calendar Learn more Ultimate monthly calendar Learn more Project schedule Learn more

Project schedule template for Excel

Overview of project schedule template So, the project schedule template (or PST) is one of our long-running organizational tools. Originally, it is an Excel creation. However, you should be able to open it in compatible spreadsheet programs. Basically, the PST helps you organize your projects, reports, and other tasks you may have going on. Overall, […]

Ultimate monthly calendar for Excel

Ultimate monthly calendar for Excel So, the ultimate monthly calendar (or UMC) is similar to our dynamic yearly calendar. Overall, we are not sure if there were any issues with this tool. If there were, then it would probably involve functionality with our international users. In any case, feel free to download it and use […]


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