Matches game for Excel

Matches is an Excel game where you match Wingding characters. Overview of Matches So, there is not much to say about this game. You already know what it is. Simply click on one box, take a look at the character. Then, you click on another box, see if it matches the first box. Matches live […]

Microsoft Excel love and relationship quiz

Fun quiz on Microsoft Excel love. So, how deep does you love go for Excel? Will you be able to find love with this spreadsheet program? Who knows. In any case, do not take this quiz seriously. Once you are done, click on the love points button to see where you stand. There are 14 […]

MID worksheet function for Excel – Reference

Overall, the MID worksheet function in Excel returns the characters from the middle of a text string, given a starting position and length. MID worksheet function Here is the syntax of the MID function. Syntax =MID(Text, Start_num, Num_chars) Arguments Below are the arguments of the MID function. Argument Description Text A text string from which […]

Price volume chart for Excel

Overview of price volume charts Price volume charts show the relation of shares traded to its price. For the most part, you see this chart in financial institutions, particularly investment banks and the stock market. Excel is the primary app to create this chart type. However, creating it is not necessarily easy. Therefore, feel free […]

Project schedule template for Excel

Overview of project schedule template So, the project schedule template (or PST) is one of our long-running organizational tools. Originally, it is an Excel creation. However, you should be able to open it in compatible spreadsheet programs. Basically, the PST helps you organize your projects, reports, and other tasks you may have going on. Overall, […]

Quick access toolbar for Excel – Quick glance

Our quick access toolbar The QAT allows you to quickly access commands that you use often. Overall, it helps you work more efficiently. So, this QAT is actually the one we actually use in Excel. Since we are into graphics and data, we have commands that work with objects and numbers. An example would be […]

Sample sales data – Excel data room

This sample sales data comes from our Excel data room. Basically, we use this data for practice. Thus, you should do the same. Overview of sample sales data Again, this data is mainly for practice. Use it for pivot tables, formula creation, and learning how to work with data. Also, this data contains fake numbers. […]


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