Microsoft Excel love and relationship quiz

Microsoft Excel love and relationship quiz

Microsoft Excel love and relationship quiz - Excel Effects

Fun quiz on Microsoft Excel love.

So, how deep does you love go for Excel? Will you be able to find love with this spreadsheet program? Who knows. In any case, do not take this quiz seriously. Once you are done, click on the love points button to see where you stand.

There are 14 questions to this quiz.

Quiz on your love for Microsoft Excel

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Microsoft Excel love and relationship quiz

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1. When working in Excel, does it make you feel good?

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2. How long do you think Excel will be around?

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3. Would you date a person who is more skilled than you in Excel?

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4. Is Excel your favorite application?

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5. Do you like using pivot tables?

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6. Do you like working with data in Excel?

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7. What was your first version of Excel that you used?

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8. Are you interested in improving your VBA coding skills?

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9. Does your job require you to use Excel?

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10. How often do you use Excel?

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11. Are you good at making conditions and decisions in Excel?

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12. Do you like creating formulas in Excel?

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13. What theme color do you prefer?

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14. When did you start using Excel?

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Detailed points breakdown by range in this quiz.
  • Less than 22 points – Little to no love
    You are not really a lover of Excel. You may like to use it on occasion, but overall, it is not a good connection for you. However, you may still be able to find love in the future.
  • Between 22 and 42 – Still searching
    Occasionally, you will date Excel, but you are still searching for the right one.
  • Between 43 and 56 – Dating
    Currently, you are dating Excel and hope to expand the relationship to another level.
  • Between 57 and 63 – Long-term relationship
    You have made it! Perhaps, you are married to Excel or in a very strong relationship.
  • Greater than 63 – Love master
    No one can stop you, and there is no turning back now. You are the love master! For the most part, you love it all and do it all. Keep going!


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