MID worksheet function for Excel – Reference

Overall, the MID worksheet function in Excel returns the characters from the middle of a text string, given a starting position and length. MID worksheet function Here is the syntax of the MID function. Syntax =MID(Text, Start_num, Num_chars) Arguments Below are the arguments of the MID function. Argument Description Text A text string from which […]

Pill Bar with average line chart for Excel

Pill Bar overview The pill bar with average line chart is similar to a regular bar chart. Instead, with this chart, the two endpoints are round. Thus, you get what looks like a pill. Of course, as with the bar chart, this chart is shows everything in a horizontal manner. Now, with all that said, […]

Project schedule template for Excel

Project schedule template Although the Project Schedule is part of our vintage collection, it is a timeless tool. Overview, it is a great template for people of all levels. Requirements: Excel 2007 or higher or compatible. Click on the button below to download. DownloadFile size: 98 bytes Related Color scheme table for Excel Dynamic yearly […]

Rounded Column Chart with Average Line

The rounded column chart with average line is very similar to our column with average line chart. Basically, it shows data across categories. In addition, the average line shows the central tendency of the values. Moreover, you can visually view which categories are above or below average. Adjusting the Rounded Top Now, depending on the […]