Hello world in Excel – How to

This tutorial shows you how to create a hello world macro in Excel. For the purpose of this lesson, we go through the steps on a PC running the Windows operating system. In addition, these steps should work perfectly in Excel 2007 or higher. A macro is a set of commands or actions that make […]

Hide object with VBA in Excel – Quiz

Question on how to hide object in Excel with VBA What VBA line of code would you use to hide the named shpSaucer object in Excel? Select your answer below, and try not to take a sneak peak. A. Shapes.Range(“shpSaucer”).Show = False B. Shapes.Range(“shpSaucer”).Visible = msoFalse C. Shapes.Range(“shpSaucer”).Hide = msoTrue D. Shapes.Range(“shpSaucer”).Display = Visible Answer […]

Macros in Microsoft Excel

Macros are a set of commands or instructions to help you complete tasks that you may do often. Overall, it is a group of step-by-step instructions. Each task runs one after another. In addition, you can test and monitor your steps within the macro. In Excel, you can use the recorder to create a macro. […]


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