All the languages list in Excel

This tool has all the languages you need to create something nice in Excel. All the languages list At first, we thought of this as an experiment. However, it is fully operational. Therefore, you can use it in any fashion you like. Again, it contains all the languages. Also, when you add or remove a […]

Data visualization examples

Our data visualization examples show you different and creative ways you can show information to your audience. Creative data visualization GendPop examples These examples show you how you can use GendPop to creatively display information. With GendPop, you get to save your creative chart as a SVG file. Meaning, you can open it in almost […]

Great sites for Excel Effects

The great sites Below are some great sites where you can get help on topics related to Excel and Excel Effects. Help us build this list If you know a site that would fit this list, then feel free to contact us at Related

Places to get data and information

List of places to get data and information Below is a list of some places to get data and information on a variety of subjects. By the way, we know some people are not a fan of some of the sites on the above list. However, it still contains data that is useful for various […]

Sample sales data – Excel data room

This sample sales data comes from our Excel data room. Basically, we use this data for practice. Thus, you should do the same. Overview of sample sales data Again, this data is mainly for practice. Use it for pivot tables, formula creation, and learning how to work with data. Also, this data contains fake numbers. […]

Who drinks in the United States by gender?

Who drinks in the United States by gender? These data visualization examples show various ways to depict who drinks in the United States by gender. According to data from, 63% of men drink, and 57% of women drink. The poll was taken from July 6-21, 2021. So, with this data, we will show the […]


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