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Question of the day

Question of the day - Excel Effects


Below is the question of day for 2024/05/23.

In Excel, =IF(FALSE * TRUE,"Hello","Goodbye") will show __________.

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C. Goodbye

So, did you pick the right answer? If so, then maybe you really want to get down. Click on the "quiz time" button to challenge yourself.

Apps and Excel software tools

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Software tools and apps

Experience unique Excel software tools and apps to enhance your work environment and productivity.


Calendars are great tools. We believe they will be around for a long time. Therefore, our calendars last forever, unless you live past 2400.

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Charting tools

Our chart library contains many types of graphs to help you display your data in a more creative way.

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All of our templates are lightweight and versatile. Overall, they help you organize tasks and improve productivity.

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Online apps

Online apps by Excel Effects will let you take your work and projects to a whole different level.

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Chart library

Chart library - Excel Effects

Beautiful chart library

This chart library shows various ways to display data in a highly creative manner. Therefore, explore our selection of charts and start building.

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Games - Excel Effects

Games people play

So, we love games, just like many people do. Playing games tend to take you away from stress, and can even relax you. Also, they may hype you up. Now, that is just our opinion.

You know something, our earlier games were developed in Excel 2003. That is right! You heard us correctly. It was fun and challenging. Moreover, they still play beautifully.

If you are ready to get down, then visit our games page and get busy.

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Quizzes - Excel Effects

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At Excel Effects, our quizzes cover various subjects, including topics outside of information technology and STEAM.

Hey, we even have quizzes that were generated by ChatGPT.

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Web tools and online apps library

Web apps and online tools - Excel Effects

Online apps and web tools to get stuff done

Utilize your creative juices with our fast online apps and web tools, to get stuff done effectively.

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