Chart library

Chart library

Our chart library includes all types of graphs.

Indeed, charts are a great way to show data in a more visual manner. In fact, many companies use charts in their presentations to clients. For the most part, we tend to enjoy graphics instead of text.

On the whole, our chart library has many charts for you to use. Just download and start working with them. They are great! However, you may still need to do a little work. But, we think the hard part is already done for you.

Although we categorize our graphs, you can use them in any manner, whether for personal use or for professional projects.

Therefore, take a look at the charts we have available for you to download. Most of the time, we have something we need to catalogue. So, you may need to go to and from our home page, to see all the good stuff.


The butterfly chart for Microsoft Excel

The butterfly chart. Download Overview of the butterfly chart So, before you say, that is a tornado chart, or a football chart, yes, we know about the alternative names too. However, we like the name butterfly the best. On the whole, it sounds better than the other two options. If you create this chart right […]

The Marimekko – Two-level chart for Excel

The Marimekko – Two-level chart Believe it or not, the Marimekko – two-level chart, is actually a stacked area chart in Excel. It is very similar to our one-level version. Overall, it is a unique chart. As with the one-level, there is a learning curve. Unfortunately, you have to update the chart data manually, in […]

The special box chart for Microsoft Excel

The special box chart for Microsoft Excel Very similar to a bubble graph, the special box chart allows you to specify a starting point and an ending point. Moreover, it also does not matter if your starting point is less than or greater than your ending point. Still, it plots both points. Requirements Microsoft Excel […]

Unit circle trigonometry chart for Excel

Unit circle trigonometry chart for Excel If you ever thought about creating Pac-man or rotating an object in orbit, then the unit circle is a great place to start. Requirements Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible. Download Chart library  Excel Effects home Charts As you may know, charts help you show data and information […]