2024 yearly calendars – Cartoon Charts style

Enjoy the 2024 yearly calendars from Cartoon Charts. Type are great! Free 2024 yearly calendar from Cartoon Charts So, all of these designs are either in PNG or WebP format. Therefore, you can simply right-click on them, and save them to your computer. It is just that simple. Moreover, they are transparent images, which will […]

Build a house in Artplotty Grid 21

Build a house To build a house is always an interesting process. Especially, in Artplotty Grid 21 (or APG). So, to create this kind of design in APG, you will probably need to redraw the datasets a few times. Also, this house is not a small task. However, you will have fun in the design […]

Cartoon Charts

Is it Cartoon Charts (or CC) or works of Excel chart art? Yes, we know… Do not quit your daytime job. Fortunately, part of our daytime job involves creating Excel and spreadsheet designs. Besides, some of us work at night. Unless otherwise noted, CC designs are done by hand. Usually, in PowerPoint, which is not […]

Create a game board in Excel

This lesson shows you how to create a game board in Excel. Before we start the frontend part of the project, take a look at the requirements below. Requirements Create a game board For the board, we will work on placing the faces of the game. These will simply be boxes. Also, the faces are […]

Elevator action in PowerPoint

Elevator action is a sample animation demo in PowerPoint. Elevator action We created this animation demo in 2008. Jeesh, it seems like yesterday. In any case, we will not go into a lot of detail about demo. Instead, just download it and enjoy it for yourself. Also, feel free to take it apart and experiment […]

Future building keep growing images

So, these future building images is part of our chart holders collection. Currently, we use them on our website. However, they have multiple purposes, and look beautiful. For the most part, we present most of these chart holders on our front page. But, we try not to get too political with them. Therefore, you may […]

Sample designs in Artplotty Grid 21

Sample designs Below are some sample designs from Artplotty Grid 21 (or APG 21). If you take a long at these samples, then you would see, there are no grid lines or axes. So, we took thoses off so you could take a shot of creating them on your own. In addition, we hope these […]

The impossible box in Artplotty Grid 21

The impossible box The impossible box is always a fun design to create. Especially, in Artplotty Grid 21 (or APG). So, to create this kind of design in APG, you will probably need to redraw the datasets a few times. However, it is still a fairly simple design. Tip: For some designs, you may want […]


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