ChatGPT Excel quiz

ChatGPT Excel quiz

ChatGPT Excel quiz - Excel Effects

Basic ChatGPT Excel quiz.

Excel Effects wanted to try out the functionality of this popular AI tool. So, we had the AI create a basic quiz on Excel. Well, we think it is fairly basic. Also, we thought the AI was pretty impressive. However, there was one minor issue and one error.

Minor issue: Four of the five answers from the AI was B. It did not mix up the answers the way we would like. Therefore, we switch some of them around.

One error: It gave us a wrong answer on one of the questions, which we fixed.

Take ChatGPT Excel quiz

It is time to take the five question AI quiz on Excel. Again, it is fairly basic. Also, we put in all the questions and answers exactly how the AI gave us. To start the quiz, click on the start button below.

Keep in mind, you only get to pick your answer once. So, make it a good one.

Passing score is 80%. Enjoy!

ChatGPT Excel quiz I

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1. Which function is used to look up a value in a table in Excel?

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2. What does the cell reference $A$1 indicate?

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3. How do you freeze panes in Excel?

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4. Which formula is used to find the average of a range of cells?

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5. What does the function SUM(A1:A5) do?

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So, how did you do? Pretty easy, huh? If you had difficulty, then feel free to retake the quiz at anytime.


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