ChatGPT Excel quiz

Basic ChatGPT Excel quiz. Excel Effects wanted to try out the functionality of this popular AI tool. So, we had the AI create a basic quiz on Excel. Well, we think it is fairly basic. Also, we thought the AI was pretty impressive. However, there was one minor issue and one error. Minor issue: Four […]


ChatGPT PEMDAS is an important acronym that helps you remember the order of operations in mathematics. It is short for: Take ChatGPT PEMDAS quiz For the purpose of this quiz, we use the carat (^) symbol to represent exponent. So, 22 will appear as 2^2. There are five questions to this quiz. They all were […]

ChatGPT shapes quiz

So, we did the ChatGPT shapes quiz after the PowerPoint shapes quiz. On the whole, the GPT quiz is probably harder. Particularly, since it is not based on multiple-choice questions. To be fair though, the PowerPoint quiz actually displays images per question. Thus, the difficulty goes down a little. Take the ChatGPT shapes quiz This […]


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