Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday (or TT) contains articles about computers, technology, art, and other information for professionals and students to enjoy. Also, TT is a great learning resource for anyone who like to learn about new and innovating subjects. So, TT’s first volume started on January 23, 2023. It only had three articles. However, they are all great. Today, we try to include at least six to eight articles with each TT collection.

This particular page showcases videos from external authors, as well as articles by Excel Effects. For the most part, these articles will stay on this site as long as Excel Effects is live. In some cases, an article may disappear from another author. Unfortunately, we cannot control that situation. However, we tend to communicate any issues through our social media network. You can find our social media network under our breadcrumbs or in our website footer. Enjoy!

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Tech Tuesday archive

Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII halftime show with Usher

This video features Usher on the Apple Music Super Bowl 58 halftime show. It was shot with an iPhone. iPhone video of Apple Music Super Bowl 58 halftime show So, it is very interesting the things you can do with a smart phone today. Overall, Apple focuses on Usher Raymond, his choreography, and some of […]

Tech Tuesday news archive

Tech Tuesday (or TT) news archive contains articles and videos about technology news, creative topics, and other subjects related to STEAM. We try to gear subjects around technology professionals and people who enjoy creative topics. Tech Tuesday news archive list So, our first TT edition was published on January 23, 2024. Overall, that edition only […]


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