PowerPoint shapes I quiz

PowerPoint shapes I quiz

PowerPoint shapes I quiz - Excel Effects

This quiz tests your knowledge of PowerPoint shapes. Keep in mind, this is a fun quiz, and do not take it too seriously.

Quiz on PowerPoint shapes

Overall, there are ten “image” questions to this quiz. The passing mark is 80%. Basically, all you have to do is, look at the image and identify the name of the shape.

Also, it is based on the name of the shape in PowerPoint. For example, you may see an oval. However, in PPT, it shows circle as the name. So, remember that as you go through each question.

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If you are ready to test your knowledge of PPT objects, then click on the start button below. Enjoy and good luck!

PowerPoint shapes I

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Did you pass the quiz? If so, then congratulations! Otherwise, still enjoy creating stuff with PPT shapes. This one was all fun.

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