Basic computer architecture I quiz

Basic computer architecture I quiz

Basic computer architecture I quiz - Excel Effects

The basic computer architecture (or BCA) quiz measures knowledge and operation of various components of a computer system. Although all the questions remain the same in this quiz, we randomize them to keep you on your toes.

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This BCA quiz contains eight questions. To pass this quiz, you need a score of 75 or higher.

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Basic computer architecture I

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A(n) ______________________________ instruction always alters the instruction execution sequence.

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Dot matrix is a type of ________________________________

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Which item is a data type in a program?

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An integer is a _____________________ in a program.

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The smallest element in a picture is a ________________________________

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The term ________________________ describes a computer system's components and the interaction between them.

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A register is part of the ___________________________.

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The RAM on the video card is called ________________________________

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