The vintage stuff

Although vintage, these tools are still exciting and fun to use.

Keep in mind, we stopped upgrading almost all of these tools. And, we do not offer support for these tools anymore. So, it is up to you to add to it. Also, almost all of these tools were all done without macros. Of course, we will let you know about our macro-related tools.

If any of these tools are protected, then send us a message at See what we can do.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all downloads are smaller than 400 kilobytes. Enjoy!

Yearly calendar tool

Generate a yearly calendar from a single selection from years 1900 to 2400.

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Monthly calendar tool

Create monthly calendars in a single click.

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The Gender Analyzer

An Excel tool to analyze gender-based data. It is similar to our GendPop tool.

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Global sales report

Before Excel had an easy-to-use mapping system, we had to create our own geographic models. It shows a general total. Again, feel free to do what you want.


AP Grid 640

AP Grid 640 did not make it out of the experiment phase. However, it is a functional Excel tool. Feel free to finish it. It follows the same functionality as Artplotty Grid 21.


AP Grid 11

Although we call this tool AP Grid 11, it includes AP Grid 21. And, it allows you to generate SVG code in Excel. Well, we think it does. Anyhow, it is yours to upgrade.


International Selector

We started the International Selector in Excel. You finish it. If you are creative, then you can do some fantastic things with this tool.


Quarterly Pie Tool

So, this Excel tool allows you to select and display a quarterly pie for a specific year. It is a great vintage tool that you can build upon.


The Pie Collector

The Pie Collector is not a scary movie. On the other hand, it is definitely a vintage Excel tool, colors and all. It allows up to six segments. Of course, feel free to do your thing.


The Row Analyzer

With the Row Analyzer, you do not have to worry about bar charts in Excel anymore. Sort the bars, display either an average line, median line, or no line at all.


Salary calculator

Salary calculators are very common. We did this tool in Excel years ago. It is fairly basic.


Brand lister

We really do not know what you will do with the Brand lister for Excel. Basically, all it does is display a logo from a user selection.


The Column Analyzer

Hey, this Excel tool does the same thing as the Row Analyzer. Except, instead of bars, you are dealing with columns.


Monthly sales performance

The monthly sales performance is a very basic Excel tool. However, we think it looks good. Basically, you get to visually analyze your data across months.


Yearly Calendar Tool II

We cannot tell you about these lab-like colors from the past. And hopefully, it works on your system. If not, then you are free to change it.


Quarterback Rating Tool

The quarterback rating tool is based on team QBR. We tried to make it look like a football field in Excel. All you have to do is input the team rating in the Data tab.


Color slider

The color slider is an Excel 2003 tool. Old school, huh. It also contains Excel macros. Overall, it was an easy and fun tool to create. All you have to do is move the sliders.


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