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yBars game

yBars game

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Overview of yBars

yBars is an online guessing game, where you have to find out the size of five vertical bars. Yes, it is that simple. However, do not let the simple nature of the game fool you. Overall, it is very challenging.

To win, all you have to do is make all the bars green. Anything else, well, you know.

Not just a guess

After you complete a bar, you can visually analyze the height of the next bar based on the height of the green bar(s). This will reduce the amount of misses and tries you make. Therefore, it is more than just guessing, especially after you make a match.

Elements of the game

So, the main elements of the game are the input boxes, scoreboard, bar heights, and bar colors.

Input boxes and bar heights

There are five input boxes, each corresponding to a separate bar. Each input box holds a value from 10 to 99. If you enter anything other than a number, then we forgive you. Otherwise, you lose a try and get a miss. You can think of the input boxes as the main controllers of the game.

Bar colors

Here are three bar colors.

  1. Blue bar – You are still in the game. But, short on guessing the bar’s height.
  2. Green bar – A match was made.
  3. Red bar – Your guess went over the height of the bar.

The scoreboard

The scoreboard contains your score, tries you have left, matches, and misses. Now, out of all of them, tries is probably the most important. Without tries, you lose the game. On the other end, matching all the bars, wins the game.


At the start of the game, you get 4 tries. However, when you make a match, you get an extra try. Once you get good, 4 tries may be too easy.

Game over

Now, there are three ways to get a “Game over” message.

  1. Firstly, you run out of tries.
  2. Secondly, you guess over the bar’s height.
  3. Finally, you win the game. Make them all green.

Of course, the goal is to do number three. In the game, that is.

Play the game

So, the only requirement to play yBars is an Internet connection.

Click on the button below to play the game. And, as always, enjoy yourself, get on down.

Play yBars

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