United States daily report for Microsoft Excel

United States daily report


United States daily report

The United States daily report is a dynamic report for a major cosmetics firm in New York City. Overall, it took us about three months to develop.

Note: All data in this report is fake.

At first, the daily was for people in the United States. So, we were not mindful of the needs of our international users. If you are in a region outside the U.S., then you can try changing the regional setting of your computer and keyboard to the U.S. Otherwise, you will have to enjoy the screen captures and work from there.

Developer’s note

We did not use any Visual Basic for Applications coding while developing this tool. Interesting enough, if we did, then we would definitely fix the regional settings issue.

The four sections of the daily report

All in all, the daily has four tabs, an overview, daily summary, estimates, and trend analysis. Below is a screenshot and brief description of each section.


The overview section has three sections or modules. Within each module, you can make selections. At the top, there are page controls that allow you to select a year, month, or even a date range. And, as you see, it offers a graphical summary and a breakdown. Good stuff.

Daily summary

Daily summary

Although the daily summary does not have any graphical summaries, it is a beast. Basically, it is a daily view of your performance.


Daily estimates

Before the year starts, the marketers, managers, and directors come up with their plan for the year. Since the plan is the plan, you cannot change it. On the other hand, we provide an estimates section that will allow you to modify the plan.

Trend analysis

Daily trend analysis

Sometimes, you need a section to analysis your performance over specific periods of time. That is what this section does. You can actually do this in the other sections too.

Checks and balances

The good part about this report is that you can make selections in one part of the tool. And, you can vary those selections in another part of the report. In other words, it maintains the integrity of the report.

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