Trend Analysis Report for Excel

In short, the Trend Analysis Report (or “TAR”) is a data dashboard for Excel. Overall, the TAR allows you to view and compare data across specific periods of time. Basically, you can select a period of time and other options, and watch the tool work.


Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.

Keep in mind, the TAR is a sample report. However, you can update yourself. Below, we provide some details on how you can do that.

Note: Unfortunately, we do not provide support for the TAR.

Sections of the Trend Analysis Report

So, there are three sections to the TAR. An overview, daily breakdown, and print preview help make up the report.

Overview Section

The overview shows a nice summary of your performance. In essence, the three main metrics are visits, orders, and sales. This means, you can use the TAR as an online business reporting tool, or for a brick and mortar store.

The overview section of the TAR has a graphical summary and a performance breakdown. Also, it has a weekly and monthly snapshot.

Daily Section

You can view a daily breakdown of your hard work in the daily section. All you have to do is select the year and month.

Trend Analysis Report - Overview
With the daily breakdown, you get a deeper view of your performance on a daily basis. It contains a daily view and a day of week view.

Print Section

The print section does not allow you to do too much of anything. Still, it serves as a clean summary for printing purposes.

The print section is the same as the overview section. However, you cannot make any selections to update the summary. It just makes it easier for you to print out a summary.

Making Changes to the TAR

Now, this is a sample report. However, the TAR is not a protected report. Meaning, you can make edits, modify the report, and improve it. Moreover, if you plan on changing the report to suit your needs, you will need to know where the data is. On the whole, the data is always the key part of a report.

Therefore, you will need to “unhide” the data tab to view the data for the TAR. In addition, there is an “admin” tab that you should unhide. If you have issues unhiding a tab in Excel, please visit “hide or show worksheets or workbooks.”


Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.

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