The diverse monthly chart for global users

The diverse monthly chart for global users

On the whole, the diverse monthly chart allows you to show your chart in a chosen language. It is a very basic chart. And, it allows you to enter up to twelve different languages for the months you want to display.

The diverse monthly chart

Basically, we did this chart in case you need to share it with a person who speaks a different language or lives in another region. And, even if your client or partner knows your language, it can be cool to have this feature.

With this tool, all you have to do is enter your languages, the months for that language, and the values. Of course, you can delete the four languages and months that come with this tool by default.

Type in your languages and months

Monthly chart, Refs tab

Click on the Refs tab, and enter your languages and the months. In this case, you just need to focus on two areas, both marked in blue text.

So, on row 9, enter your languages. Under the language column, and in rows 10 to 21, enter the months. After you do that, everything updates. Meaning, when you go back to the Summary tab, you can select your language and watch the chart update.

Input the values

Monthly chart, Summary tab

If you do not need to put in a new language, then you can type in your values in the Summary tab. Certainly, you do not need to enter a value for every month. That part is up to you.

Modifying the diverse monthly chart

You are free to modify this chart as you wish. Unfortunately, we do not offer support for this basic tool. However, in the case where you think it does not work for you, definitely contact us at


To use this monthly charting tool, you need Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.


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