Blank Excel Template

So, the Blank Excel Template (or BET) is a tool we use when we create different types of spreadsheet documents. Overall, it is a great, basic template. Therefore, we made the decision to share this tool with our users. Overview of the Blank Excel Template Once you download BET, there is no one way to […]

Blank navbar template for Excel

The Blank navbar template for Excel is very similar to our Blank Excel template. However, this particularly template has a navigation bar and a cover page. Overview of blank navbar template Again, this template is almost exactly the same as our blank Excel template. This one though, has a cover page, navigation bar, and six […]

Cartoon Charts

Is it Cartoon Charts (or CC) or works of Excel chart art? Yes, we know… Do not quit your daytime job. Fortunately, part of our daytime job involves creating Excel and spreadsheet designs. Besides, some of us work at night. Unless otherwise noted, CC designs are done by hand. Usually, in PowerPoint, which is not […]

Chart Switcher for Excel 2003

Chart Switcher for Excel The Chart Switcher is a tool for Excel 2003. Originally, it was an experiment to see if we can update the source of a chart from a user’s selection. We plan to keep it in the experiment category, as a vintage tool. If you click in cell B6, then a dropdown […]

ChatGPT Excel quiz

Basic ChatGPT Excel quiz. Excel Effects wanted to try out the functionality of this popular AI tool. So, we had the AI create a basic quiz on Excel. Well, we think it is fairly basic. Also, we thought the AI was pretty impressive. However, there was one minor issue and one error. Minor issue: Four […]


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