Math Charts for Excel

For the most part, our math charts are visual tools of subjects from school. Mainly, topics in math and science. In all, it helps to see a formula in its visual form. Therefore, take a look at these charts. On the whole, they may prove to be helpful in your work.


Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.

Math Charts

Below are the math charts for you to download and study. Of course, after you download them, feel free to make them better.

The Unit Circle

Basically, a circle rotates 360 degrees, in one revolution. Now, using trigonometric functions, you can create a unit circle in Excel. Overall, we used all whole numbers from 0 to 360 to plot this chart. Sometimes, in Excel the smooth line does not always look smooth. Therefore, the more points you use, the more precise the math chart. By the way, ever play Pacman? Well, this is where it starts.

Cosine Chart

Math Charts - Cosine

Exponential Chart

Math Charts - Exponential

Natural Logarithm Chart

Math Charts - Natural Logarithm

Sine Chart

Sine Chart

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