LEN worksheet function for Excel – Reference

LEN worksheet function for Excel – Reference

LEN worksheet function in Excel

The LEN worksheet function in Excel returns the number of characters in a text string.

LEN worksheet function

Here is the syntax of the LEN function.




Reference – A text string or cell range.


Example 1
Example 1a - LEN function
This example uses the LEN function from a cell reference. Below is the result.
Example 1b - Results of the LEN worksheet function
As a result of the above LEN function, 9 is returned.
Example 2
Example 2 - Find the length of text directly
So, you can also type a text string directly into the function. Thus, LEN(“Standards”) will return 9.
Example 3
Example 3a - LEN worksheet function using a range
Also, you can find the lengths of a group of cells, in one function. So, in the above LEN function, we try to find the lengths of multiple cells. It should automatically show the length for every cell in that range of A3 to A23. See the results below.
Example 3b - Result of using a range to find lengths
Results of the LEN function using a cell range.

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