Fun with macros

Fun with macros

Fun with macros

Fun with macros

So, fun with macros is a set of learning tools that teach you to code and create great stuff in Excel.

The basics

Although we have a basics section, we do not plan to put our lessons in categories. Instead, when you learn to create code in Excel, you will realize, you are working on multiple skillsets. Meaning, different projects will combine beginner, intermediate, and advanced skills.

Overall, that is a great way to learn. Especially, if you are in to it. Basically, when you get to something you do not know, do your research.

Below are some of the basics of macros in Excel.

The macros

Here are some macros that will interest you in your coding projects.


Below are a set of open source games for Excel.

If you want to see all the stuff in our collection, then click here.

Also, keep in mind, we have a bunch of stuff for you to enjoy. Thus, we just need to get it on here. So, make sure you come back to get the latest info on fun with macros.

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