FAP – Functional art in PowerPoint – Digital artwork

Functional art in PowerPoint (PPT) or FAP is a set of custom designs that you can edit on your own.

Overview of FAP

Basically, this collection is all custom artwork. In addition, we design all of the art directly in PPT. That is what makes this work so special. Moreover, it allows you to create one of a kind pieces.

Your clients, coworkers, and even your boss will wonder what is going on. Where did you find those designs? Good stuff for you!

So, since FAP is all PowerPoint means, you can do just about anything you would do with a native PPT shape.

FAP tools

Here is the list of our FAP tools.


Below are some features of the HE collection.


Here are some tips on using the designs from the FAP collection.


When you resize a piece of art, and want everything to remain in the same position, you should group everything you want to resize. Otherwise, each piece will resize but will shift out of its original place.

For example, take the original image below and see how it looks when we resize it, grouped and ungrouped.

FAP - Resizing a graphic, grouped and ungrouped.
Indeed, you see what happens when you resize a graphic with multiple objects when grouped and ungrouped. The ungrouped objects do not remain intact. In contrast, the grouped objects remain similar to the original.
Grouping and ungrouping

If you want to group objects, then press keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G to group and Ctrl + Shift + G to ungroup. For more information, visit group or ungroup shapes.

Ordering shapes

At times, you may want to move an object in front of another. For example, you may want the eyes of a face to remain in the front. While, the face itself remains in the back.

The example below shows you an example of ordering objects.

FAP - Ordering objects.

FAP tools

Here is the list of our FAP tools.

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