Excel Effects

Excel Effects

All in all, Excel Effects creates tools that make it easier for you to compare data. In addition, we design software tools that also put fun into your work.

Excel Effects The Story

So, we started Excel Effects in September of 2015. After doing the Daily Report, it gave us the idea. If we can improve production time, then we can have more time to work on other stuff. Thus, come up with new ideas. Essentially, that is what the Daily did for this well-known beauty company. Overall, it cut down production time from two hours to about 15 minutes. Now, that was amazing!

With that success, it is important for everyone to have the same opportunity. And, that is what we do. Not only do we want people to use our tools, we want people to learn how to use data.

The Real Beginning

With the help of his parents and the TRS-80 Color Computer 2, which they bought, good things started to come about.

Excel Effects - TRS-80 Color Computer.
This is the actual TRS-80 Color Computer 2 that started it all for Alex Shaw III. It is this computer where his programming experience officially begun. He taught himself how to program using the TRS-80.

The Founder

Alex Shaw III is the founder of Excel Effects. He was born and grew up in Harlem, New York City. At an early age, Alex got into art and drawing. Moreover, he enjoyed creating programs in BASIC, the computer language. For the most part, the programs Alex created dealt with graphics. And, some even had animation in them. He taught himself all of this at the age of thirteen.

So, as Alex got older, his love of computing did not change. In fact, his deep experience in developing IT tools and STEAM apps helps people add value in their work. Most of his work deals with data. Now, try putting fun in that. In the way way, we all have to realize that data is in everything. And, almost everything we do makes up data.

During his leisure, Alex doodles out ideas and brainstorms. Furthermore, he enjoys handwriting, driving, and listening to satellite radio. Also, Alex still likes old school games, like Trouble, and watching various action films and sports programs.

Questions or Comments

If you want to contact us, then send us an email at info@exceleffects.com.

As always, we would like to thank you for your support and in continuing the journey with us.