A not-so-good presentation design from a coworker

A not-so-good presentation design from a coworker

A not-so-good presentation design from a coworker

So, after offering help on a presentation, my coworker gave me a not-so-good design. Meaning, it was not up to par with what we would normally do. However, it would probably satisfy the client.

I caught the work by my coworker, and decided to improve it. After all, it was my job. And, knowing myself, I could not let something go out like this to the client.

The not-so-good design

There are three parts to understand: The request, the not-so-good work, and the fix.

The request

While working at a financial firm, a request came in from a client. It was a two-page job. First, the client wanted a company profile page. Secondly, they wanted a map to fit in a small rectangular area on page two. Overall, it was a fairly simple request.

I decided to work on page one, which was a full page. And, on page two, my coworker worked on the map.

The not-so-good work

The not-so-good work

After my coworker finished working on the map, they sent it to me so I can place it in the main presentation. Unfortunately, I was not happy with the work. It was a not-so-good design. But, there was still time to fix it.

The fix

So, the two main problems with the design was the size of the map and its image quality.

Fixing the map size

In terms of the size, there was enough room to fill up the white space. Why leave all that white space? Especially, with a small map. You want the client to see as much detail as possible. Therefore, I recreated the map to fit the box.

Image type

As for the image type, it looks as if the image type is a PNG or JPG. Instead of getting too technical, it would be difficult to resize the map because it would lose image quality. Instead, I made the map a vector-based image. With the vector-based version, the map looks better, more crisp.

Also, before I even put the map in the presentation, I made it as close to the size of the rectangle without distortion. This way, the client will be looking at a map at 100% of its size, in the presentation. No need to resize.

That was all to it. And, we met the deadline.

The final result

The final result

Fortunately, my coworker was able to see the final result and the difference between the two maps.

Sometimes, you would make suggestions to the designer and have them improve their own work. In this case, it was an easy and quick fix.

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