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A personal project planner that you can use at work or at home.

Project planner for home or work

Personal project schedule template for Excel.

Finally, a personal project schedule template that you can use at work or at home. After all, you might as well organize all your tasks. And, it is "personal" because it works just for you. However, you can use it as part of a group. For example, a manager can have a list of workers in a spreadsheet. After clicking on a worker, it can take you to their schedule. So, a manager view task updates from their computer.

At the same time, you can print your tasks and post them at your desk. This is such an easy tool to work with.

Personal Project Schedule


  • Daily and weekend planner
  • Weekly and bi-weekly tasks planner
  • Monthly tasks planner
  • Key accounts section
  • Personal notes area


Of course, we suggest you have Excel 2007 or higher or compatible to use this template. Click on the link below to download this template.



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