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Our software library contains online apps, tools for desktop programs, and games. We love the creative aspect of our software.

Online apps, software and data tools, and creative tools.

Online apps



A face is not just a face anymore.

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What a way to analyze data between the genders.


Artplotty Grid 21

Artplotty Grid 21 or AP Grid 21 is an online drafting and art plotting tool that uses numbers as its drawing device. It is a science, technology, engineering, art, and math tool. Or, STEAM. Below are some designs created with AP Grid 21.

Impossible triangle by Artplotty Grid 21

Impossible box by Artplotty Grid 21

House by Artplotty Grid 21

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Online games

Bubble Dip Match

Bubble Dip Match

Bubble Dip Match is a dynamic matching game with five levels. Yeah, it gets rough in levels four and five. The characters are beautiful and the game is crisp and smooth. Play it now and zap them bubbles with memory power.

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Desktop games

Wingding Match

Wingding Match

Wingding Match is a dynamic matching game with three levels. It is one of our vintage games. There is a twist to this game. Click the learn more button to find out what the twist is.

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