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Bubble Dip Match

Bubble Dip Match

Bubble Dip Match is a dynamic online matching game, with bonus levels between rounds.

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Wingding Match

Wingding Match

Wingding Match is a vintage matching game, developed completely in Excel. Contains Excel macros.

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Our next game

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Spindip Match

Spindip Match

Before Bubble Dip, there was Spindip Match for Excel. The objects did not want to stay still though. So, you are free to work the unprotected version. Contains Excel macros.
Requirements: Excel 2007 or higher or compatible
Size: 391 kB


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Gaming computers

So, you need a computer to play your fantastic games. Just pick the one you want, and get started.

Game tutorials

Wanna create a game? Check out these tutorials:

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Puzzles and board games

This is where you get to relax and put all the pieces together with a puzzle.

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