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Test the numbers one and zero in Excel – Quick tip

The numbers one and zero are also true and false or not

This quick tip determines whether Excel sees the numbers one and zero as true and false.

Determine if Excel see the numbers one and zero as true and false

In computing terms, one and zero are bits. And, bits are binary numbers. In fact, a bit is short for binary digit. Therefore, we can easily perform logical operations with these two numbers.

Fortunately, Excel has a few logical operators that will allow you to perform all types of tests. We will use the AND function to test this theory.

Steps to test the numbers one and zero in Excel

Follow the steps below to test how Excel views zero and one in logic.

The numbers one and zero - steps to test 1 and 0 in Excel
  1. Pick a cell and type in the number zero or one.
    In our case, we typed zero in cell A1.
  1. Enter the formula =AND(A1) in the cell next to zero. Press Enter.
    Note: You may have zero somewhere else on the sheet. Therefore, your reference may be different.

After you press Enter, you should have a result from Excel

0 equals false in Excel

Our function resulted in FALSE. What if you change 0 to 1? See the results below.

1 equals true in Excel

When we change 0 to 1, Excel calculates the function AND as TRUE. How do you like that?


As a result of our tests, we can determine that Excel sees 1 as TRUE and 0 as FALSE.

Test with the OR and IF functions

Instead of using AND, try the OR function. Just replace AND with OR. Do you get the same results?

Or, you can try the IF function, like =IF(A1,TRUE,FALSE). Of course, you will replace the old function with the IF function.

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The numbers one and zero are also true and false
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