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How to show developer ribbon in Excel – Quick tip

Show developer toolbar in Excel - Quick tip

Most likely, if you are using Excel for the first time, then you may need to show developer ribbon. In most cases, this ribbon is not shown unless you display it yourself.

Therefore, this quick tip will show you how to display the developer ribbon in Excel.

Overall, the developer ribbon allows you to create custom functions, automate tasks with macros, organize add-ins, insert form controls, and work with XML code and external data.

Right-click note

In part of this lesson, you may see the term right-click. When we say right-click, we simply want you to click the button on the right side of the mouse.

Mouse to show click and right-click buttons

If you do not have a right mouse button, then you can generally use a regular click (left-side) and press the keyboard shortcut Shift-F10.

For the purpose of this quick tip, you will need Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.

How to show developer ribbon in Excel

To show the developer toolbar, follow the steps below.

Click File from the main menu
  1. Click File from the main menu. This will show the file menu.
Excel file options menu
  1. From the sidebar menu, select Options. The Excel Options dialog box appears.
Show developer toolbar - Excel options
  1. Under Excel Options, click Customize Ribbon from the sidebar.
  2. On the right side of the Customize the Ribbon page, click Developer under the Main Tabs list.
  3. Click OK at the bottom.


Show developer toolbar in Excel - Quick tip success

There you have it! The Developer toolbar is now part of your main menu. All you have to do is click on Developer to see all the options you have to create something fantastic.

Shortcut alert

As you may have guessed, there is a quicker way to get to the Excel options dialog box to customize the ribbon. Follow these quick steps to get there.

Shortcut alert
  1. Right-click on a gray area of the ribbon. For example we chose to right-click on the gray area under the Home ribbon, next to Cut.
  2. Select Customize the Ribbon... under the shortcut menu.

Additional resources

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Show developer ribbon in Excel
by Excel Effects :: October 19, 2020


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