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Assign a macro to a shape in Excel – Quick tip

Assign a macro to a shape in Excel - Quick tip

Certainly, you knew you can assign a macro to a shape in Excel? If not, then this lesson will show you how to do that.

Anytime you are able to custom something, it leaves the door open to new ideas. In this case, you can design dashboards, games, and even automate tasks.

And, having control over the design improves the user experience.

Right-click note

In part of this lesson, you may see the term right-click. When we say right-click, we simply want you to click the button on the right side of the mouse.

Mouse to show click and right-click buttons

If you do not have a right mouse button, then you can generally use a regular click (left-side) and press the keyboard shortcut Shift-F10.

For the purpose of this lesson, we suggest you use Excel 2007 or higher or compatible. Enjoy!

Steps to assign a macro to a shape in Excel

Below, follow the steps to set up a macro to work with a shape.

Steps 1 and 2 - Selected shape and shortcut menu

  1. Right-click on your shape. This will display a shortcut menu.
  2. From the shortcut menu, select Assign Macro...

Steps 3 and 4 - Assign macro

  1. Under the Assign Macro list, select your macro.
    Note: If you do not see your macro, then you may need to record one.
  2. Also, click OK.



Finally, this is just the beginning. Since you have this knowledge, we expect you to do some great things.

Remember our other lesson on assigning a macro? You must click out of edit mode to run the macro from the shape.

If you had any trouble with this quick tip, then try it again. In addition, check out our additional resources listed below.

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Assign a macro to a shape in Excel
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