Analyze data and your performance in a dynamic way.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all downloads are less than 400 kilobytes in size. In addition, all data in these dashboards are fake, dummy numbers.

Excel dashboards

Below are Excel dashboards that you can download and use in your own work.

Requirements: Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.

Trend Analysis Report

Analyze your performance over specific periods of time.

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Expense Allocation Tool (EAT)

If you want to EAT, then you need to allocate your monthly expenses.


Icon array charting tool

Icon array charting tool

Our icon array charting tool is a great way to show how much an item is part of a group.

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Sample dashboards

Here are some fully functional sample and vintage dashboards. Although they are samples, you can modify them in any way you wish.
Note: All data in these dashboards are fake.

United States Daily Report (Sample)

Originally developed for users in the USA. It may not work in regions outside the USA. Being that this is just a sample, we may have this dashboard in the wrong section.
Size: 6.8 Megabytes

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