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Analyze data and your performance with a dashboard.



Dashboards allow you to view summaries of your data. In most cases, there are different sections or modules where you control the view from the selections you make. Now, one challenge is developing many of these dashboards without programming. We think that is what makes some of these reporting tools so interesting.

Sample dashboards

These sample dashboards are real tools that we developed for various companies. And, all the data is fake. Therefore, you are free to study them and even use them to build something special for yourself. Enjoy!

United States Daily Report

United States Daily Report (Vintage tool)

It took us about three months to create the United States Daily Report. As a result, each user can set up their own view. It may not work on computers with a regional setting other than United States. Click learn more below to find out why.

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Global Sales Report

Global Sales Report (Vintage tool)

Believe it or not, the Global Sales Report was all done in Excel. Now, during that time, we did not have a native mapping tool to create a geographic tool. Most likely, we would still create it from scratch, even if we had a mapping component in Excel.

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Trend Analysis Report

Trend Analysis Report (Vintage tool)

The trend analysis report (or TAR) is a dashboard for Excel that allows you to analyze your performance over specific periods of time.

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