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Data center – Top ten non-medical job salaries.

Top ten non-medical job salaries

Top ten non-medical job salaries chart

Since most of the top ten job salaries are in the medical field, we decided to show you the top ten non-medical job salaries. Most of these positions are related to technology.


Top ten non-medical job salaries chart

Now, the good part about these positions is that they are flexible enough to work in various industries. Meaning, an architect could build hospitals and medical centers. Or, an engineer can work inside a hospital. So, that is a good part about these positions. They are flexible. Oh, not only that, these positions offer the opportunity to work remotely or in the office. Well, that is if your job permits it.

Although these jobs may require a four year college degree, you may still be able to sneak in without a degree. Of course, for engineers, that generally requires a degree. Depending on your goal, you can probably stop at the four year degree. However, you must still continue to learn.

With that said, download this chart, study it, and see if it appeals to your career aspirations.

Sometimes, a visual helps more than just text or raw data. Therefore, feel free to download the chart and analyze the data for yourself.


Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher or compatible.



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