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Column on two axes chart – Shows bars on primary and secondary axes.

Column on two axes chart

Clustered Column Chart on Two Axes

On the whole, many types of companies find the clustered column chart very useful. In fact, it is a very common chart. However, this graph is slightly different. You see, it has one bar on the primary side. And, the other bar is on the secondary side. If you look at both scales, then you should see which bar belongs to which axis.

Moreover, you now see why we need two scales. If we placed both bars on the same scale, then you will probably not see the smaller bar. Basically, all you would see is the data label. Therefore, the two scales help us easily compare the two values.

Clustered Column Chart on Two Axes for Excel

Click on the button below to download this chart. You will need Excel 2007 or higher or a compatible app.


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